Creole With a Smile - Creole / English Grammar Textbook with 2 CDs




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Includes Audio Version on 2 CDs

The Creole language is one of the easiest languages to learn! If you are looking for a practical resource that can quickly enhance your Creole language skills as you study, travel, do business, or minister in Haiti. Creole With a Smile (Creole/English Grammar Textbook) is the answer you've been searching for!

Creole With a Smile is scholarly written, practically presented, and well-organized Creole language textbook. Mastering skills and techniques presented in this book will prepare you for a more-confident arrival and a more effective experience in Haiti.

  • Convenient, Lightweight, Pocket-size
  • A must for Teachers, Tourists, Business, Politicians, and Missionaries
  • Grammatical & Conversational
  • Well Organized & Thorough
  • Most Up-to-date Spelling / Pronunciation Key
  • Competitively Priced



review posted by Gloria on 10-30-2018
This book makes learning to speak and understand Creole very easy.
review posted by Sue Davis on 10-25-2018
This book is the most thorough and concise book of its kind. You can really understand the language and learn fast with it.
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