Teaching, Writing, Translating Haitian Creole

Partnering With Other Ministries to Establish Christian Learning Center / Libraries in the Mountains of Haiti



Whether your mission is business, academic, pleasure, or ministry; you will definitely enhance your effectiveness in Haiti by knowing Creole language communication skills before you travel.

The Creole language is one of the easiest languages to learn! If you are looking for a practical resource that can quickly enhance your Creole Language translation skills as you travel, do business, or minister in Haiti, Hope Literature Series' Creole With a Smile Grammar textbook and Dictionary are the answers you've been searching for!

Our medical phrasebook is an invaluable tool to help medical team members who do not speak a word of Creole to do triage effectively.

Levanjil, The Gospel, presented in 6 lessons in both Creole and English, along with a songbook of 25 hymns and choruses sung by Ms. Dorothy on CD can help even the novice share the Gospel and sing popular Haitian songs.

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